Tuesday, May 02, 2006


May Day

Yesterday was May Day - the official start to Spring. It is a public holiday for schools & banks. The restaurants & cafes have their outside tables set up & when we went for a walk on Sunday into the city centre, many other people had the same idea of enjoying a drink while sitting in the sun. It was a little breezy, making it cooler in the shade. Jackets were still a necessity to stay warm.

My small daffodils are blooming & the lilac bushes along the front fence are budding. The white & mauve flowers will be out in a few weeks time. The ferns along the side the house are unfurling also. Yesterday I spent a good hour pulling out ever so many of those little maple seedlings from around the ferns & out of the small garden in front of the house. I don't have to worry about the ones in the lawn, but the ones in the garden beds will keep growing if they aren't removed.
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