Tuesday, May 23, 2006


It's Raining, It's Pouring!

This afternoon, about 4:30 , just after I returned home from a walk to the Post Office, a thunderstorm let loose. The gutters were awash & pedestrians were sheltering in doorways, or if walking, they had to be careful to avoid being sprayed by cars going a little too fast. It has been raining on & off since last Sunday. I'm not complaining, the rain was desperately needed. But soon the grass will need mowing!

I've seen many lilac trees blooming around town, and our bushes are being to have flowers also. I think I'd like to prune them a little, as they are too tall & all the flowers are at the top. The 2 apple trees on our other property also need pruning - just way too many apples last year & the trees are too tall.
Thought I should mention my soon to be launched www.expatsinestonia.com site. Im putting thr word out about it and it would be great if you could also. Please feel free to post some comments in the forum to get things going.

Trevor Cryer
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