Tuesday, April 25, 2006



Today is celebrated by all Australian & New Zealanders to honour the brave men who died at Gallipoli in 1915.

This morning I made ANZAC biscuits for two new friends who have their birthdays today. One of them is Patricia, whose husband, Jason, is an exchange teacher at a high school just outside of Tartu. I gave Patricia her cookies when we met in the afternoon for afternoon tea. She is looking forward to going home to Philadelphia in early June, but is going to miss all the new friends that her family have made here.

The other friend is Nico, who is the head chef at the Wilde Pub & Restaurant. We were invited to share a glass of champagne & birthday 'kringle' cake when we returned from a trip to a local hardware store. It is also Erik's birthday on Thursday, so we plan to light the BBQ that evening. And then we have a party on Saturday afternoon to look forward to as we celebrate the birthday of Robert, the new owner of the Wilde Pub.

It is also 'Student Days' for Tartu University students, so our language teacher didn't give us any homework on Monday, but I expect we might get some tomorrow. There will also be a late night concert in the park across the road on Thursday evening. We received a polite note in our letter box apologising for any inconvenience the concert may cause. [Still no rain.]
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