Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Ambassadors to Estonia

Last year in March, close to St. Partick's Day, we were invited to a "Meet the Irish Ambassador" function at the Wilde Pub & Restaurant. We had a great time & I met Verena. We had many similar tastes, were close in age, & she was very keen to learn how to tat. Then she & her husband, Tim, (a Fulbright professor) returned to their home in the USA in July. We still keep in touch via e-mail, & it is great that she's still tatting away.

Well, this year is our chance to meet the ambassador from the UK. We've been invited to the official opening of a new manufacturing plant here in Tartu. The founder of the UK parent company, Alec, & his wife, Pauline, are living near us, & Erik has been helping provide IT support, here & in the UK. This has given him several trips to the UK, but he's also been able to bring back some goodies & books for us.

Well, there was lots of food to eat, wine to drink, a decorated cake for dessert & also coffee. When we left we were given a gift to take home. This was a souvenir mug from Oxford filled with Cadbury chocolates, a pen & some other stuff that I haven't looked at yet. I met & talked with a few interesting people also.
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