Friday, March 31, 2006


Educating a Gentleman

One great thing about living in Tartu, is that Erik & I get to go out much more frequently now. It is a bit like our DINK days back in the early 80's. The boys are also old enough for them to be left "home alone".

Recently I've made a point of observing, when we are out of an evening, what other menfolk do when accompanied by their womenfolk, especially when the time comes to depart to another destination. And, I've also noticed, what doesn't happen!

Usually, Erik puts his hat & coat on, and then just stands there, watching me, or sometimes, continuing a conversation, while I cram my hat on my head, wind my scarf around my neck, all the while still holding onto my coat. Then I get my coat on, zip it up, & finally put on my gloves. [BTW we learnt all about 'clothes', & where to put them, in my Estonian language class a few weeks ago.]

Last night, after he had got all ready to go, I changed tactics & handed him my coat. I quietly said something like "A gentleman helps his wife put on her coat" & he politely did so.

I don't mind being treated as an independent individual, who is quite able to manage putting on her own coat, but I like to feel special and be treated like a LADY, once in a while.

And then, I was the one who drove us both home, because I had the non-alcoholic beer. Saku (Estonian) beer, is quite good! Although, a few months back, Erik switched his allegiance to a Czech beer.
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